Efficient WOTC

Efficient WOTC Screening and Processing Simplifies a Complex Process and Maximizes Your Credit.


Efficient WOTC Screening and Processing Simplifies a Complex Process and Maximizes Your Credit.

  • Plain English Interactive Q&A
  • Totally Completes the 8850 and 9061
  • Captures Supporting Information
  • Electronic Signature (where accepted by State Processors)
  • Very Fast (never miss the 28 day window)
  • 100% Web-Based & Secure


Efficient WOTC Has Simplified a Complex Process
Many companies have not taken advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit due to the complexity of the forms and certification process. Efficient WOTC has removed that barrier. Our easy to follow plain English interactive Question and Answer process completes the required forms (8850 and 9061) in good order every time. The logic of the Q&A will also help the employee and employer understand what supporting information may be needed by the state processing offices. The workflow built into to Efficient WOTC lets you complete the entire process, including building the actual credit based on wage and hours.


Efficient WOTC has Two Option: Screening and Full Processing
Efficient WOTC Screening allows a company to use the interactive Q&A to screen for potentially eligible candidates and fill out the required paperwork in good order. Efficient WOTC will help an organization understand how to process their own credits without using an outside vendor. Efficient WOTC screening has a low per employee screened charge. For those organizations that would like to use a full service model, Efficient WOTC Processing is the right choice. Efficient WOTC Processing handles the entire problem from screening to building the final credit. Our powerful tools allow you visibility to track all phases of the process. Efficient WOTC Processing takes in a file from your payroll system to match up with the certified employees and create the reports needed by your tax advisor to take advantage of the hiring credits. The reporting tools available in the full service model are in real-time, monthly, quarterly and annual. This option has the low per employee screened price along with a low percentage of the certified credit.


Efficient WOTC Pricing


  • Screening – a low per employee screened price.
  • Processing – a low per employee screened price plus a low percent of the certified credit.



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What Our Clients Say

Efficient Forms has played a major role in helping FSMC redesign it’s new hire process so that it is easy, efficient and simple to meet new and existing regulatory rules and regulations.

Bill Swedberg, Director-Information Technology, First Sun Management Company (Wendy's)

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Six Reasons why companies are choosing Efficient WOTC

Easy to understand questions.
Totally complete 8850 and 9016.

Identifies supporting information needed
Real-time reporting.

Upload payroll files.
Self serve or full serve options.

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Efficient WOTC Screening And Processing
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